Private Resonance Therapy Bodywork Sessions With Embodiment Specialist Chuck Hyde


Grow into your body.  Align your inner being, whole, integrated, and balanced. 

Chuck has been working with clients for over 13 years.  His work is led by his experience and capability to look into the body as it is coupled by training in Rolfing Technique, Chen StyleTai Chi,  Chi Gong,  Cranial-Sacral Technique,  Tui Na Massage, sound healing, color spectrum energy therapy, and functional/rehabilitative movement. Chuck's body work is more than massage therapy.  It is a unique expression of his combining functional movement, deep fascial awareness, keen movement tracking,  with Acoustic Resonance Therapy, Breath Awareness, and the practice of presence in his hands and space.  His work takes you on a journey into your functional energetic embodiment, stimulating real and lasting integration.  He is adept in addressing: 

  • Chronic or Acute Injury
  • Muscle , Nerve and Joint Challenges
  • Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, and Anxiety
  • Emotion Based Trauma
  • Pre and Post Surgical re-alignment
  • Complex Scar Tissue Treatment
  • General maintaining and integrating growth and balance in healthy and thriving people who want to bring optimal wellness, alignment, and function to their bodies and lives. 

The Human Body grows and often the nervous system doesn't grow along with it. 

Past injury, fixed mental/conceptual patterning, and emotional trauma can weigh heaviness into the body, soft tissue, and nervous system.   These can become habitualized into movement patterns that over time cause pain, repetitive injury and disharmony in ones relationships.   

Chucks work is about helping you grow into your whole human body no matter what age you are or the condition you feel you are in. 

His body work sessions are 90 min and Start at $150. 

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